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Have you fallen victim to a crypto scam? You’re not alone, and we’re here to help. At SheFan Pro, we specialise in getting your money back from crypto scams and providing the emotional support you need to move forward.

SheFan Pro is committed to ensuring its members have direct access to market leading tools and resources to help overcome increasingly complex personal and business challenges.
SheFan Pro has partnered with IYE Global to assist our members seeking defined areas of expertise.

Fraud & Scam Investigations

IYE remains unmatched in their depth of experience of highly complex, multi-jurisdictional fraud and financial crime investigations. Cryptocurrency fraud, romance fraud, Forex trading scams, Ponzi schemes, pension fraud, bank transaction fraud, asset tracing and recovery.

Background Checks | KYC Due Diligence

IYE Global moves strongly away from traditional risk mitigation processes, taking a more ‘intelligence’ and ‘investigator-led’ approach, augmenting old due diligence frameworks into a more risk-focused model. Secure a unique global perspective of an individual’s personal circumstances to mitigate risk or to expose insider threat.

Investigation Resources

IYE’s unparalleled levels of resource, legal and technical expertise allows them to pursue and execute cases for clients based upon hard evidence. Facial recognition technology, bank instrument verification, forensic document examination, pre-investment due diligence, corporate, bribery or corruption investigations, intelligence gathering services, pre-litigation support, and more.

Beyond Blockchain Analytics

IYE Global investigates cryptocurrency crimes beyond the Blockchain to expose the true identity of perpetrators hiding behind fake exchange KYC data, including associates, mules, criminal connections, and source of funds. The missing piece in the blockchain investigation jigsaw.

Locate Scammers or Perpetrators

Access IYE’s proprietary intelligence gathering resource, Cobra AI, to locate perpetrators from a WhatsApp number, Skype or Telegram ID, cryptocurrency wallet address, IP Address, or fake social media profile. Steer the course of an ongoing investigation, or rapidly assist legal or law enforcement process.

Develop a Unique Solution

SheFan Pro members can collaborate with IYE Global experts to strengthen existing, or develop new risk mitigation and investigative solutions that cannot be matched or replicated by competitors – secure an unrivalled competitive edge! IYE Global’s senior executive’s understanding of and guidance towards developing a solution-based outcome that is specific to your needs, will be invaluable.

Have you lost money to a scam?

Reclaim your financial security with IYE Global.

At IYE Global, we specialise in recovering funds from a broad spectrum of fraudulent investment schemes and scams, including Cryptocurrency, Binary, Forex, CFD, Commodities Trades, and more exotic frauds like Private Placement Platforms and Pension fraud.

We understand the profound impact of financial deceit and provide expert guidance to help you make informed decisions, recover your investments, and restore your peace of mind.

We know that reaching out for help is a crucial first step, and we’re here to support you in navigating through these challenging times with professional, compassionate, and effective solutions.

Acting promptly is crucial in cases of fraud and scams

The sooner you contact us, the higher the likelihood we can help mitigate the damage and increase the chances of recovering your funds. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Reach out today and let IYE Global empower you to take decisive action against fraud.

Fraud and scam investigation results

These cases exemplify our relentless pursuit of justice and security for our clients. At IYE Global, we don’t just recover funds; we strive to provide a foundation for safer financial futures. If you suspect fraudulent activity, let us help you take the first step towards recovery and peace of mind.

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